HAR Content API Test Page

Use this page to test HAR Export Trigger extension

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HAR Export Trigger is Firefox add-on improving automated HAR (HTTP Archive) export of collected data from the Network panel. This add-on is built on top of native developer tools in Firefox. Firebug is not needed for this add-on.

The add-on HAR exports HAR API directly to the page. Any automated system can be consequently built on top of the API and trigger HAR export using a simple JavaScript call at any time.

There are a few preferences you can set:

This page expects the following preference values:
extensions.netmonitor.har.contentAPIToken => test
extensions.netmonitor.har.enableAutomation => true

The Toolbox needs to be open (F12)

Make some HTTP requests so, there is something to export


Trigger HAR Export! See the Console panel for results.

Trigger HAR Export and show preview (experimental)

Clear the HAR Collector and Network panel